Make Every Day a YAY! Day - by Josephine Kimberling

What does "Make Every Day A YAY! Day" mean to me?

It means seeing that each day has the ability to teach me something and give me an opportunity to grow. It means looking for gems 7 days a week, even if sometimes I have to sit down and polish a few, in order to see the sparkle. When times are hard, and days are dark, it’s about feeling those days deeply and reaching out to a friend to help me through, while choosing to move forward and put one foot in front of the other. It means that instead of complaining about the thorns, I choose to clip them off so I can see the beauty of the rose.

Its about choosing to lean-in to life and take the reigns to steer myself in the direction of my passion, talents & strengths. It’s about embracing who I am and letting each day shape me into a stronger and better version of myself. It's about encouraging others in their journey and cheering them on – because the world can sure use more kindness. It’s about accepting myself – flaws and all – and knowing that I am not only enough, I am worth it. And girl, so are you.

Making every day a YAY! day is part of how I see the world and aspire to live. And when I do? I experience so much joy, love & happiness, and my day truly does become a YAY! day. Won’t you join me?