+ I noticed you have recently re-branded. Why did you choose the unicorn?

Thanks for asking! Well, unicorns have always held a special place in my heart and my imaginary world as a child. Escaping through my imagination really helped me make it through my difficult childhood. To me, they symbolized a better place, courage and the ability to overcome obstacles.

My dad would take my brother and I to the library, where I would painstakingly narrow my choices down to three – all being books on drawing, mostly of horses, which I would draw rainbow horns on and get lost in a magical, imaginary place. I had a love for sticker books, rainbow-colored erasers, and those plastic pencils that you could rotate out the tips on (remember those?!? Yes, I was a child of the ‘80s). I made it my goal to fill-up and finish coloring books – as it was important to me that every page had a chance to become it’s most beautiful self.

So when it was time to re-brand, I wanted something that felt like a closer connection to who I am as a person. It’s a little more vulnerable, yet that’s the only way I feel we can make life truly worth it – when we show up as we truly are.

+ I love your work! Can I use your artwork or designs for my facebook page, to decorate my business cards or website with, or to make other products out of it?

No. I own the rights to all the content I create including my fabric designs, artwork, photography, etc., which is strictly protected under Copyright Law. I also copyright all of my artwork with the United States Copyright office for additional protection. All photography is also copyright Natalie G. Photography. Thanks for asking!

+ Can I use your images on my blog or on social media like Pinterest?

Yes, you are welcome to use my images on my blog and Pinterest as long as you visibly credit the image you choose with my name "Josephine Kimberling" and provide a link back to my website.