+ I am looking for a particular fabric of yours, and am unable to find it. Can I order the fabric through you, can you get the fabric I need for me, or can you tell me where I can find it?

Unfortunately, no. In order to support and not compete with the fabulous stores who carry my fabrics, I do not sell them myself, nor do I have access to getting them for you. I also do not have visibility as to which stores are carrying my fabrics.

I would suggest you try searching Etsy for shops that carry my fabrics, or perform a Google search. You can also try Blend Fabrics' "Where to Buy" store finder to find stores in your state that carry Blend's Fabric lines. Just be sure to call the fabric store ahead of time to see if they have what you are looking for.

Lastly, you can also try to contact Blend Fabrics directly to see if they can help you locate what you are looking for. I apologize I am not able to help further, and best of luck to you on your search!

+ How do I order your fabrics to carry in my retail or e-tail store?

Thank you so much for your interest in carrying my fabrics! To carry my fabrics in your retail or e-tail store, please contact customer service at Blend Fabrics to place an order or to set-up a wholesale account.

+ Can I use your free sewing patterns to make items and sell them?

No. My sewing patterns are for personal use only, and even though they were free for you to download, they are not able to be reproduced for resale. Thank you for asking!

+ Can I kit your free sewing patterns for sewing workshops in our fabric store?

Yes, definitely – as long as customers are not being charged for the sewing pattern itself.

+ I am a manufacturer interested in using your fabrics for my products. Are your fabrics available for me to use in this way?

Thank you for your interest & inquiry! Since Blend Fabrics is licensing my artwork and producing the fabrics with my designs, please contact Blend Fabrics directly about your inquiry. Thank you!

+ Can I use your name or logo on any products I am making out of your fabrics?

No. Thank you for asking! I am the only one authorized to use my name and logo, as well as manufacturers who are licensing my artwork through me, for their products.