Josephine Kimberling's NEW Brand Direction - 2015

After a lot of work, soul searching, and back and forth with Fiona Humberstone, I have finally landed on my new brand direction! Today I'm delighted to share with you my new logo & over all future brand identity.

Josephine Kimberling's NEW Brand Direction

Quite different, yes?

The brief I created was to create a brand identity that is timeless and professional yet has personality and uniqueness. I wanted it to convey sophistication, confidence and feel grounded, while also being creative with a little bit of edge and lightheartedness. I wanted any surrounding patterns to be simple enough to lay against my artwork and support it, not overpower it.

Quite a tall order to fill. And because of that, this has seriously been a tough yet rewarding process. Fiona really helped keep me on track to my brief and encouraged me with sound wisdom.

Why the unicorn? I had narrowed my designs down to 4 logo's, and the unicorn option kept calling to me. It felt like such a brave step for me to take, yet now when I look back at that decision, I'm surprised it was such a difficult one. For me, unicorns have been a part of my imagination for as long as I can remember. They were a source of mystery and escapism from my joy squelching childhood. A source of enchantment, beauty, strength and triumph. Instead of Barbie and dolls, I was playing with My Little Pony, Fashion Star Fillies, Rainbow Brite (& her gorgeous horse with rainbow hair) and She-Ra! (anyone else??)

It felt like such a natural fit for me as a person, my work, and what I want to put out into the world.

I was feeling like my current branding was feeling too vintage and old without the fashionable, yet soft, edge that I quite enjoy. I thought it would be fun to show you my old brand identity, so you can compare the two.

Josephine Kimberling's Old Brand Identity 2011-2015

So, what do you think?

Currently I'm working with a web developer on incorporating my new branding into my website. Stay tuned about mid-October for a refreshing new site I hope will be a happy place for you to engage with my world!