UPPERCASE magazine, Issue 21 is out! (And I'm in it!)

UPPERCASE Magazine Issue 21, Including the "Surface Pattern Design Guide" @uppercasemag #patternplease
UPPERCASE Magazine Issue 21, Including the "Surface Pattern Design Guide" @uppercasemag #patternplease

I finally got my UPPERCASE magazine, Issue 21 in the mail and it's SO goooood!! Especially because this issue focuses on Surface Pattern Design – so it's chocked full of great designers and their work as well as information about the industry, how to work with and create great work, etc.

In this issue is the "Surface Pattern Design Guide" which features 100 pattern designers and their work, including mine. Yay! It's so fun to see and have my work be among that of others in this field. (Recognize my patterns from my Field Day fabric collection?)

UPPERCASE Magazine Issue 21, Including my art in the "Surface Pattern Design Guide" @uppercasemag #patternplease

I heart UPPERCASE magazine - it's thick, matte pages that are not only well designed but also tell such inspiring stories of creatives. This magazine focuses on creativity in so many forms that it is really great for being inspired in different ways each time I read it.

In this issue of UPPERCASE you'll also find an interview from the amazing cover artist Molly Hatch who "views plates as one would view a painting". I just LOVE her work so much!

UPPERCASE Magazine Issue 21, including the cover artist Molly Hatch @uppercasemag #patternplease

You'll also find "Top 10 Tips for Creating A Life Full of Pattern" by Lotta Jansdotter.

UPPERCASE Magazine Issue 21, including Lotta Jansdotter @uppercasemag #patternplease

A colorful interview of Gudrun of Gudrun Sjödén on her creative process, individuality and being inspired by the natural world. Drool!

UPPERCASE Magazine Issue 21, including Gudrun Sjoden @uppercasemag #patternplease

"Top 10 Tips" about Knowing Your Stuff, by Marie Perkins, the designer and blogger behind the fabulous Print & Pattern Blog.

UPPERCASE Magazine Issue 21, including Marie Perkins of the Print & Pattern Blog @uppercasemag #patternplease

And there are seriously so many more amazing interviews, features and artist's work within this issue of UPPERCASE, that I seriously can't gush about all of it and must keep some as a surprise for you!

UPPERCASE is a reader-supported independent publication made just for you by a small team. Your subscription makes a real difference. To get your copy, you can subscribe. They are offering a discount for me to share with you, my friends and followers.

To subscribe to UPPERCASE magazine, use discount code 'USPDG2014' for $15 off your subscription (or a really nice gift for someone you love) until April 30th!

I hope you can get a chance to get your hands on this fabulous magazine!