I'm One of the 6 Finalists in Lilla Rogers' Global Talent Search!

Josephine Kimberling is 1 of 6 finalists in Lilla Rogers' Global Talent Search!
Josephine Kimberling is 1 of 6 finalists in Lilla Rogers' Global Talent Search!

For all of us who have entered into Lilla Rogers' Global Talent Search, or who are following along in the journey – today marks a big day as Lilla revealed the top 6 finalists. Since I wake up at the crack of dawn, I didn't remember what time we were going to find out who the winners were, and knew I had hours to wait, so I carried on with my to-do list today as usual. I was painting away this morning when I got a Facebook congrats from a friend, which made me curious so I checked online and found that her congrats were founded.

I am so extremely happy to have been chosen by the judges as one of the top 6 finalists out of 50 semi-finalists in Lilla Rogers' Global Talent Search! WOW! The 6 finalists are: Daniel Roode, Emily Balsley, Zoe Ingram, Lizzie Mackay, Vesper Stamper (winner of the People's Choice vote!), and myself.

Be sure to check out Lilla's blog post about the finalists - what's really cool is that she included comments from the judges on each of the finalists submissions. It's really inspiring to see the unique strengths each artist posesses.

The artists who made the top 50 (and even those who didn't!) are such talents. There's so many who's work I absolutely admire and LOVE, so I'm really humbly thrilled to be chosen to go the next round. Thank you so much to all of you who voted for my tote bag for the People's Choice vote! It means the world to have you behind me, rooting me on.

For those artists who didn't make the top 6 and who are having a hard time with the news, I just want to say how extremely talented you are. To never doubt your abilities or your purpose. That you are meant to create beauty and give it to the world. That yes, validation of your work is great and all, but what truly matters is that you keep on listening to your heart and to your creative calling and that you press on. That a talent search that you do not win does not mean that you do not possess talent. I am saying these words even to myself, as we know that at the end of this competition there will still only be one winner. What matters is that you do your best. Always. And that you don't let anyone define you, steal your joy or throw you off track. I can't wait to see what beauty you create and where you go! x

I got my e-mail this morning for the next project, and wanted to share it with you! Lilla teamed up with Margo Tantau, the VP of Design and Creative at Midwest CBK, a large, respected home decor and gift manufacturer that sells to boutiques and independent shops around the world. Our assignment is to come up with our own ideas for our own branded line of home decor and/or gift products! Dreamy, yes?!?

We are given 4 trend boards that Margo has put together and are to choose one board as the theme for our focus. We are to create 1 main pattern and 2-3 simple coordinates (or 1 main painting and 2-3 related coordinating pieces of art), 2-3 non-repeating placement graphics such as simple icons, doodles, words, etc. and 2-3 templated products. Our entries are due by 9:00am Monday, September 23rd. Just a little shy of 2 weeks. Also, during this time, Lilla will have a Skype call with each of the finalists.

After some deliberating, Lilla will announce the winner of her studio's Global Talent Search on Thursday, October 3rd, 2013!

I'm SO excited to 'Get Crackin' on this project and can't wait to share it with you! Stay tuned!